Weekly message from the Angels

Week 10

Archangel Chamuel & Unicorns

" Light

The war in Ukraine is on the mind of many of you. There are big worries, fears, outrage and many more negative emotions, regarding this major conflict between countries and their inhabitants.

Also, there are many deeds of support, solidarity, compassion and love, also from Russia and Russians towards Ukraine.

Every conflict, wether small or big, holds in itself many perspectives, and stems from wishes-needs and personal learning pathways from many beautiful people.

Every human, without exception, carries the Divine Light in him/herself. Strive for peace and harmony, out of love for yourself, your fellow human beings and this world." 

(Message on the card above: See the light in yourself and in all others. From: Magical Unicorns, Doreen Virtue oracledeck, Publisher Koppenbol B.V.)

Week 9

" Succes!

The first step in achieving succes, is to listen to your own heart. After all, it is in there that you find your own wisdom about what´s right for you, what fits you and what makes you happy.

The steps that follow hereafter, thinking through and acting, may be more difficult, since your ego (well mentioned) will come up with all kinds of objections and difficulties. When you follow your ego, succes will most certainly stay away.

However, when you follow your heart and use your brains to realise your heart´s desires step by step, you´ll follow your own sparkling road to succes."

(Card: Succes!, Archangel Gabriel oraclecards, Doreen Virtue, uitgeverij Hay House) 

Week 8

" Creativity

Your soul is part of the Great Divine Soul, which expresses Itself in creation and manifestation. By making room and giving opportunity for artistic expression, you will feel the divine life force and divine creativity flow through you. 

This will help you to relax, enjoy and to trust life. It will help you to deal in a creative way with whatever you will encouter on your life path." 

(Card: Creativity, oracledeck Daily guidance from your Angels, Doreen Virtue, Publisher Koppenbol B.V.)

Week 7

" Positive thoughts create positive results.

Everything in the universe is made up of energy. Your thoughts are carrying their own energy, bringing it into your own body and aura, and thus into this world. 

A lot is going on in the world. The transition into a new world, a new loving way of being,  obviously is accompanied by considerable negativity. After all, everything that´s based on fear and negativity first has to fully come into daylight. That way it will be very clear what and how much needs to change. 

During this process it´s important to maintain positive and loving thoughts, have trust and to maintain focussed on the world that may be in future. This way your thoughts are allready creating the first shapes of a beautiful new world, in which love, justice, sustainability and joy will be perfectly normal."

(Card: Positive thoughts create positive results, from the Archangel Michael oracledeck, Doreen Virtue, publisher Koppenbol B.V.)

Week 6

" Let go of your past.

As humanity, you can now work towards a new way of living; a world in which you are connected with yourselves, each other and earth. You are facing the task and challange of creating a world that is based on love, equality, cooperation, justice and sustainability.

In order to achieve this world and way of living, it´s necessary to let go of old pain, old patterns of thinking and behaving. Therefore it´s important, both on the personal and collective level, to heal your own pain, discontent and negative experiences, and to let go of them.

Forgiving is crucial in this proces, for it withholds the choice to acknowledge what hasn´t been right, and the choice to let go of everything and everyone that has been involved. Out of the freedom that hereby appears, there will be true space, for individuals and society to make a fresh start and create a beautiful world. "

(Card: Let go of your past, oracledeck Daily guidance from your Angels, Doreen Virtue, Publisher Koppenbol B.V.,)

Week 5

" Patience is a virtue.

Sometimes you can be so eager to start something new, or share your thoughts & plans already with others. However, there´s a time for everything, and Divine Timing is essential for your plans and desires to become succesful.

Just as we bring you inspiration for new projects, we also bring to your attention when it´s the right time to work on it, for and during every step on that way.

Please, take this guidance regarding timing seriously, even when you would want to speed up out of emotions or enthusiasm. At the end of the day, all information that is brought to you by us, allways is for your highest good." 

(Card: The Right Timing, oracledeck Daily guidance from your Angels, Doreen Virtue, Publisher Koppenbol B.V., please only pay attention to the picture and the title, for the text on the card does not match this week´s message)

Week 4

" As a human being, you may be looking for your twin soul and relationships with other people that you feel strongly connected with, whether conscious or unconscious. In fact, you´re searching for kindred spirits, with whom you feel loved and accepted. You recognize yourself in the other person, which may help you love and appreciate yourself.

These kindred spirits, souls that are close to your own soul, may be other people than the ones that surround you in daily life.

The Angels and other Lightbeings are allways close to you. Whenever you ask them for it, they will send you extra unconditional Love. This way you can allways feel loved, accepted, appreciated and supported, wherever you are."  

(This card is from the oracleset  Angel Therapy, van Doreen Virtue, Koppenbol Uitgeverij B.V.) 

Twin soul

The answer to your question is related to a spiritual love relationship.

Week 3

" This week we want you to remember that everything begins and ends with Love. Your heart is your center and the center of your life. It is the place where you experience pure joy and happiness. It is the place for you to return to whenever things in life aren´t going the way you want it.  

Then look again in your heart what it is you want for your life and in your life. This way your heart is the anchor in your life." 

(The card is from the oracledeck Daily guidance from your Angels, Doreen Virtue, publishing house Koppenbol B.V.)

Translated from dutch into English it says: 

" Love is the heart of all matter. Your heart is the center within your physical appearance, that is most in accordance with love. You can love and be loved with an open and relaxed heart, for we stand by you by protecting and guiding you." 

Week 2

" January´s second week has begun, school holidays and festivities are over. Keep your thoughts positive, visualize the life you´re longing for to create and preserve.

Beautiful thoughts support you in following your personal path and they attract everything in line with your soul´s purpose.

Feel the space and openness that lie within this new week. It´s a fresh start at the beginning of a new year filled with new opportunities." 

(The card is from the oracledeck Daily guidance from your Angels, Doreen Virtue, publishing house Koppenbol B.V.)

Translated from dutch into English it says: 

Law of Attraction

" Every thought is and investment that immediately pays out in dividend, so make it an investment based on wisdom. You´re having the opportunity to choose your thoughts, so place them in line with love, peace and harmony. If asked, we will raise the level of your energy smoothly to higher frequencies."