Privacy policy

Privacy Policy

Engelenlicht is working in accordance with the law and regulations on handling personal details. This law is called the AVG (Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming).

Engelenlicht is striving to ensure it´s clients´ privacy. Therefore Engelenlicht carefully proceeds your data and makes sure that only authorised persons have access tot your data. This concerns both your personal data, as well as the content of every consult or workshop.

In case it should be necessary that part of your personal data is shared with a third party, because of the financial administration or in case of maintenance of the digital environment, this third party is also bound to secrecy.

Because of law and regulations Engelenlicht is bound to keep and maintain client records. The client records are digital files that are secured with a password. The client records contain the consult declaration, notes of every consult, correspondence including e-mail and invoices. The client records are kept 15 years, before they get destroyed.

In accordance with the CAT-collectief´s demands, Engelenlicht is obliged to use an consult declaration and to file it in the client´s record. You´ll be recieving this form by e-mail or at the beginning of a consult. In case of an online consult, the consult declaration has to be received by Engelenlicht before the consult takes place. The consult declaration will be filed digitally, after which the paper copy will be destroyed.

With an written request, you can look into your own personal client record, or it is possible to alter or remove your personal client record in your presence, unless there are legal grounds to keep your files. Further on you can submit a written request for a copy of your personal client record.

Engelenlicht uses the following personal data:


Name, adress, zip code, place of residence

Date of birth

Phone number and e-mailadres

Consult´s date

In case it should apply: Name of the company, in case of invoice

Type of consult

Pragnant (yes or no)

Client´s use of medicine that may affect the consciousness (yes or no)

To make sure that services are offered in a safe and responsible way, Engelenlicht will mention several psychiatric disorders at the beginning of a consult, and will ask the client if he/she has been diagnosed for any of them. The client is urged to answer the question honestly, in case the client is/has been diagnosed with any of the mentioned psychiatric disorders, but doesn´t need to mention which specific psychiatric disorder applies to him/her. Engelenlicht won´t mention the specific psychiatric disorder in the client´s records, but will simply mention if the question is answered with a yes or no.

In case Engelenlicht should consider it appropriate or neccessary to consult co-workers, your personal data will be used depersonalised.