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This month already spring starts at 20 march! The sun is gaining strength, and days are getting warmer and longer. Perhaps you can also feel your energy encreasing. Below you can find a nice meditation, that can help you determine how you prefer to spent this extra energy.

20 march is an equinox, days and nights are equally long. So that´s a good moment for paying attention to balance. Next newsletter there will be more on that subject.

But first, in this newsletter, we´re gonna explore the element earth, our own fundament, on a deeper level. After all, every seed you wish to sow and let grow, asks for proper soil. Likewise your spiritual and personal development, and everything else you wish to manifest in your life, need the right basis.

News from the practice

Currently I´m in the middle of developing an extensive range of workshops for spiritual- and personal development, and conscious living. Some workshops will be merely for your own use and benefit, where others will be meant to deepen your knowledge and to learn how to use it as a professional

Most likely, first workshops for this year, will start from summer on. I´m really looking forward for it!

March & energy

2 March New Moon

18 March Full Moon

20 March Spring

Just like in the past weeks, it´s still very appropriate to clean up your house, garden, body and life. This way, a new and fresh energy can flow. It also makes sense to consider the aspects of your life, that form your personal basis, like home, your relationship/family, work, health and finances.

Regarding our finances, we´re dealing with high inflation. The prices of essentials like grocery, transport and energy, are increasing rapidly, but our incomes hardly increase. Therefore you might consider inviting the Angels of Abundance or Angels of Finances, to bring to your attention how your finances are doing. You can also ask them for advice on how to improve your finances.

Just sit down calmly, and write down all the answer that come up. Whenever an answer is not yet clear, ask the Angels of Finances for clearification.

In case you´re sensing another basic aspect of your life might use improvement, ask the Angels to bring to your attention how to best do it. First invite the Angels and inform them on the subject you wish their advice for, and then listen to their answers.

The Earth Dragon can help you by grounding you firmly, whenever you ask her to do so. Allways thank her for it. This way of grounding also is very valuable in doing before and after a meditation or other forms of sprititual work.

Meditation on how to best use your new energy

. Find yourself a place where you can meditate peacefully, for instance outside on a bench in nature, or inside.

. Light a candle when you´re indoors, with the intention of meditating on your increased energy and how you wish to use it.

. Take some deep breaths and relax your body.

. If it feels right, you may close your eyes. Be aware of how much your energy has increased compared to a few months ago. Imagine yourself gaining more and more energy daily, until midsomer 21 june. Visualize your body gaining more and more energy.

. Now ask yourself what it is, you wish to use this energy for.

. Imagine what it´s like to use that energy for it. Be aware of what it´s doing with you.

. Ask yourself if there´s also something else you wish to use the energy for. Again imagine what it would be like to use your energy for it. How does it make your feel?

. Write down all the answers.

. Blow out the candle and thank it, or thank nature and the place you´ve been for her peace and inspiration.


" I will use my increasing energy for that what makes me happiest."

Actuality: Endometriosis Awareness Month

All throughout march, there´s a worldwide awareness for Endometriosis. Approximately 10 to 12 % of all women worldwide suffer from this chronique disease. Symptoms of this condition include for instance a (very) painfull menstruation, severe bleedings and severe fatigue. Also, tissue may grow in the belly. This tissue resembles tissue in the uterus, and it can pile up in the belly or even make organs stick together. It may also cause difficulties related to fertility.

When you suffer from endometriosis, an Aquarius Angels® Healing may bring seriously relief. This is something I´ve personally experienced in my own life, and for which I´m still very thankfull.

Channeled message from Archangel Haniel

" In modern society life merely is based on constantly performing to the maximum, and to continue being active under all circumstances for as much as possible. Because of it, the natural cycle of introspection and extraversion merely have gone lost in women´s rhythm.

By nature, a woman´s cycle asks for balance between rest and exertion, balance between going inward and being more in the outside world.

When there´s no room for this natural and intrinsic cycle, it causes tension inside the women. This tension leads to all kinds of complaints that are related to menstruation. This way menstruation no longer gets appreciation for it´s qualities, and is regarded as being inconvenient and unwanted.

Whenever your experience inconveniency related to menstruation, you can always ask for my help. Ask me to ease your complaints and to help you deal with it gracefully. If wished for, I can also bring to your attention how your cycle can bring abundance into your life."

And this beautiful message already completes this newsletter. Take good care of your personal basis and enjoy your increasing energy!


Esmee van Haaften

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