Dear readers,

Happy New Year and welcome to the first English edition of my newsletter!

We´re standing at the beginning of a brand new year, a cycle in which we can achieve our dreams, wishes and everything our hearts are longing for. The Angels and Ascended Masters are eager to support us on this journey. So let´s give ourselves a wonderful 2022!

News from the practice

. 3 t/m 9 january Engelenlicht is closed because of holiday season.

. As from 10 january on, every Monday there will be a weekly message from the Angels on my Facebook page (Esmee van Haaften) and on this website.

. Every Thuesday & Thursday evening openings (only live- video consults).

. As from 4 february on, consults will gradually also be given in English, starting with Aquarius Angels® Healing and Aquarius Akasha Reading & Healing. 

. Further information in English will soon be available on this website.

January´s energy

2 january New Moon, good for starting new things.

14 january Mercury retrograde ´till 3 february. In this period we should pay attention to being more diplomatic, to be aware of how to preserve harmony, since the current energy can lead to miscommunication more easily.

Further on it is a time to continue our ongoing projects and to finish them.

18 january Full Moon, good for letting things go.

So together, the first week of January is good for clearing your head, letting go of december´s festivities, and for looking ahead to your new year. Start bringing your good intentions into practice, before 14 january. You can use the Full Moon to let go of things that are delaying or blocking your good intentions/goals for this year.

Further on, all the months in winter are suited for doing jobs inside your house. Preferently start with getting rid of your old administration, clear your mailbox and social media, sort out your attic and do maintenance.

Day by day, from now on our energy will increase, just as daylight will. So this is also an excellent time to (re-)start physical excercise.

Clarity on your 2022´s life goals

As human beings we´re always having a number of life goals that are present for a certain period in our lives. In order to know them, all we have to do is look inside our hearts. The things that make us happiest, combined with our talents, are leading us towards our life goals.

Whenever you want to obtain more clarity about these life goals, the following Celestial Beings can be asked for help and guidance:

. Your Guardian Angels

. Archangel Michael knows your life goals

. Archangel Metatron can motivate you to live your life goals

. Saint Germain (Ascended Master) knows the Divine Plan

. Get yourself a pencil and paper.

. Sit down quietly, clear your head, and invite the Celestial Beings mentioned here above.

. Ask them to clearly bring to your attention your personal life goals for 2022, related to work/study.

. Write down everything that pops up in your head.

. If necessary, ask for explanation.

. Ask them to clearly bring to your attention your life goals related to personal relationships.

. Write down the answers that come up to you and if neccesary ask for more explanation.

. Ask them to clearly bring to your attention your personal life goals related to creativity/relaxation.

. Write down the answers and if necessary ask them for more explanation.

. Now ask them for every item, to bring to your attention the first step you´re supposed to take.

. Ask Archangel Metatron to motivate you to take these steps. (You can do this on a daily basis).

. Thank the Celestial Beings for all their help and support.

It is also an option to book yourself an Aquarius Akasha Reading. That way the information on your life goals will be channelled for you directly from out of your Book of Life. 


¨I will make 2022 a wonderful year!¨

Current events: politics and managing

The Angels and Ascended Masters are eager on supporting us in every aspect of our daily life. The Ascended Masters themselves have had many lives as humans, so they very well understand what it takes to be human. From now on they love coming forward in this newsletter´s new topic Current events. This way they can explain how practical their guidance can be.

Right now in the Netherlands there´s a lot going on in politics, since a new government is being formed. Off course there are a lot of people that have jobs or do activities in their private lives, that concern politics or management

Pallas Athena, a Greek Goddess, is involved with many tasks such as government, wisdom, truth, creativity and inspiration. She is well known for her superb efficiency. So whenever your job or activity requires one or more of her qualities, know that you can allways ask her for help and guidance.

Channelled message from Saint Germain

¨ As a human being there are moments in time where you question life´s meaning. You´re wondering what you´re here for on earth, why you´re here. In fact you´re searching for your current life goals.

By asking me and the other Light Beings such as Archangel Michael and Archangel Metatron, you can get swift clarity. This clarity makes you feel confident, and makes you understand which course it is, that you can set out in your life the forthcoming period. It brings peace of mind and stability.¨

So this already was the 2022´s first edition of Angels´Light News (Engelenlicht Nieuws). Set off with a good start and we´ll meet in the next newsletter (16 january).

With love,

Esmee van Haaften

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