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February is almost here, and I´ve already spotted the first snowdrops! The first signs of nature awakening, days starting to get a bit longer....This month has several theme´s, such as new growth, getting rid of winter´s waste, the bond between mother and child, and Valentine´s day. February´s energy is soft, caring and feminine, and the element water has a distinct part this month.

Lady Portia has a message about justice, since it currently is taking an important place in our actuality, now that so much hidden pain related to sexual disbehaviour that has taken place in a populair and loved tv show, has come to the surface.

News from the practice

. Every monday there´s a short weekly message from the Angels on this website and on my Facebook page.

. From February 4 on, you are welcome for a healing that is given in English

. Beside the regular opening times (thuesday ´till friday), there are also evening openings on thuesday and thursday. Evening openings are only for live video-consults.

February´s energy

Even though it´s still winter, nature is already showing us that spring is on it´s way. The first flowers are visible and the first animals are born in stables. In several religions and spiritual pathways, spring festivals are celebrated on 1-2 February, such as the celtic Imbolc. 

Candlemas, when Mother Mary showed her baby Jesus in the temple, is celebrated on 2 February. This is a good time for us to think about the bond between mother and child, and new births. 

This may also apply to the birth of a project, a piece of art, a healthy way of living, working on healthy finances, renewing your garden, starting a love relationship and so on. It´s about bringing it into the world and taking care of it, with time, attention and love, so it can grow and devellop. So what is it, that you want to bring into this world, and how are you gonna take care of it?

If the mother-child theme somehow leads to feelings of resistance, this might indicate that there´s something you might need to heal in that relationship. An Angel Healing can be of good benefit in that case. During this healing, all negativities in that relationship can be healed. Etheric cords between you and your mother will be cut through. This is also possible when a mother has already deceased.

Etheric cords are connections between the two of you, through which you sent each other negative energies. Usually this happens on a subconsious level. When these etheric cords are broken, it may lead to a great deal of relief and feelings of freedom. Everything in the relationship that consists of love, wil be preserved.

14 February is Valentine´s day, which is associated with romantic love. However, you may also show your appreciation and love for friends and others that are dear to you.

Another theme that fits this month, is poetry. If this appeals to you, you might consider writing or reading a poem, together or on your own.

1 February New Moon

1-2 February Imbolc, Candlemas

3 February Mercury retrograde ends

14 February Valentine´s day

16 February Full Moon


" I will bring the Light of renewal into my life."

Meditation pure water

During the winter, our body often stores more toxics, as a result of stress and less physical movement. It also seems to be easier to drink enough water in summertime than in winter time. By already drinking enough water right now, you will purefy your body. This way you will clean up your own internal winter´s waste.

. Have yourself a glass of mineral water ready (flat water)

. Light a candle

. Take several deep breaths, relax your body

. Take a look at the glass of mineral water, hold it in your hands

. See and sense the purity of the water

. Think of the well it came from, deep down in the earth

. Visualize how the Spirit of Mother Earth has blessed this well with Her Love and Light, to take care of you with it

. Visualize this Light being present in the glass of mineral water that you´re holding in your hands

. Slowly and consciously drink this mineral water, sensing it entering and cleansing your body. Sense how it refreshes you and fills you with Light.

. Say thanks to the mineral water and to Mother Earth for this gift.

. Say thanks to your candle and put it out.

Actuality: Lady Portia on justice

A lot of collective pain has come to the surface in the past weeks, once it became known that several Dutch celebrities and a director of a popular tv show are guilty/ being accused of sexual disbehaviour. 

Lady Portia is an Ascended Master, that you can call upon for help when you are facing injustice and law suits, or when you yourself judge on or condemn others. Her tasks involve Justice and Divine chances. She has the following message for us, about Justice (in general):

" Whenever you experience something in life that you think of as being injust, it is allways worth the effort to strive for justice and for what is right, whether it is for yourself or for others. Sometimes going to court is neccessary, but often it can also be dealt with in another way. 

Ask for my guidance whenever a situation feels injust for you, or when something really is going against law. I will stand by you with my love, insights, compassion and will create Divine chances that fit the path of your soul." 

And so this already was February´s newsletter. Take good care of the seeds of your renewal and ´till the next newsletter!

With love,

Esmee van Haaften

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