Deeper into January


Dear readers,

We´re already halfway this year´s first month, and Mecury has gone retrograde. Our biggest challence right now is to keep spirits high, the same way we started this new year, and to continue manifesting our good intentions. This way we can avoid the so called ´Blue Monday´, or transform it into ´New Monday´. Below you can read more about how you might do this. 

News from the practice

. Every monday there will be a short weekly message from the Angels on this website as well as on my Facebook page.

. Apart from the regular daily opening times (tuesday ´till friday),  it´s also possible to book a consult (live video) on thuesday- and thursday evenings.

Turning Blue Monday into New Monday

Often at the end of the old year, or the beginning of a new one, we find ourselves filled with magnificent intentions and ideas of the things we´re gonna change in our lives. But then somehow nothing changes. Combined with the winter´s cold, short days and resting nature, this all results in Blue Monday, the monday in January on which we feel most depressed.

Not living up to our good intentions, often is caused by steps that are to big to be taken. So instead it´s better to first make a step-by-stap plan. Show yourself compassion and look at your steps through the eyes of love and understanding.

You might also hold a block, when there´s something that first needs to be healed, before you can live up to your good intentions. For instance, your inner child can cause serious trouble, because it´s still carying unproccessed experiences from your childhood time. Once you´ve paid attention to it and healed your old pain, there will be room to move on.

Whenever you notice yourself facing difficulties in working on your goals, an Angel Card Reading can help  gaining insight in how to best deal with them. This way you can turn Blue Monday into New Monday: a new day at the beginning of a new week to fulfill your dreams!


¨Every step I take in fulfilling my dreams, is worth a compliment!¨

Taking advantage of January´s energy

18 January Full Moon is good for letting go of things.

A full moon also increases your intuitive capabilities. With these you can connect more easily with lightbeings such as Angels and Ascended Masters, and receive their guidance or messages.

It´s important to ground yourself firmly when you connect with them, So write down your spiritual experiences, insights or advices. This will help you ground yourself. Also, afterwards you can eat something like a carrot or something salted, or drink water or boullion.

Meanwhile, Mercury has gone retrograde. So the forthcoming weeks are suited for continuing or finishing ongoing projects.

This energy might also lead to more technical failure. It is best to be patient. You can always ask Archangel Michael for assistance in solving technical failures.

Further on, this energy also asks us to be more diplomatic and patient in our contacts and relationships. Small annoyances or miscommunication can stir up our emotions way more than they would do normally. Archangel Raguel can help you maintain or restore harmony, whenever you ask him to do so.

Actuality: easenings of the Corona policy

Restrictions concering the Coronay policy have been easened, so we're allowed to do more. However, the Angels ask you to be conscious of your own health and immunity. It's important to let your body and immune system lead you. So only meet more people or crowded places when you know you're healthy enough to do so.

Apollo, a greek god and Ascended Master, can assist you in building up a good health and in taking good care of it, whenever you ask him to do so.

Seraphis Bey, an Ascended Master, can also assist you in these matters, whenever you ask him to do so. 

This already was the Angel's Light News. Good luck in continuing your first steps and 'till the next newsletter (30 January)!


Esmee van Haaften

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