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Valentine´s Day is here, so it´s a good time for paying attention to romantic relationships, your soul´s goals for romance, and the Angels´ vision on this subject. Further on this time of the year is very suitable for  refreshing your house´s energy, by doing yourself an energetic house cleaning. Below you can read more about it. And off course, there´s the topic actualities, where current events are looked at from a spiritual perspective.

News from the practice

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Angels and romantic relationships

14 February is Valentines Day, and it´s about romance. There are different stories about this day´s origins, but most important, it´s about the meaning you´re giving this day. So listen to your own heart. Reflecting on your (past) relationship, and most of all, experiencing gratitude, make you open up your heart, to enjoy and attract more happiness in your life.

When you incarnate, you enter this life with multiple soul goals. These include romantic goals as well. One person may experience what it´s like to share life with a single partner, where another person may experience several romances. Some may even have several romances simultaneously.

Being involved in a romantic relationship, as a soul we can experience what it´s like, enjoy and struggle with relational challenges. This way as a soul we can grow. For some this growth may involve small steps, where others may develop themselves rapidly, taking big steps.

Experiences from previous relationships may be in our way, when we´re getting involved with someone new. If that´s the case, an Aquarius Angels® Healing can be helpful in processing our previous experiences. This way it clears our souls pathway regarding romance.

During February 16´s full moon, you can also write down anything you wish to let go off. Afterwards you can burn it, bearing in mind the intention that all the lessons and love will be held by you, and everything else you´re letting go and giving to the universe so it can transform into new energy.

Purifying your house

During wintertime all kind of energies pile up, unseen, in our houses. This happens partially because our doors and windows are less open. Also, we are more indoors, leaving more energies behind. These energies influence our thoughts and emotions.

To purify the energy in your house, it´s best to start cleaning it fysically. Preferably use water and a mild detergent. Keep in mind all the places where dust really piles up, such as corners and behind furniture. Make sure you clean these places as well.

Whenever you make cleaning a pleasant job, for instance by playing music or cleaning together, you´re already bringing a positive vibe into your house. By cleaning with a certain intention, you´re doing it even more consciously.

Next, you can do an energetic cleansing of your house. There are many ways to do so, such as with water and fire, incense, smudging, light, fresh sage and so on. In case you know how to do so, you can start by screening your place for Earthbound spirits and Entities. Together with the Angels you can direct them into the Light.

Finally you can do the energetic house cleaning, for instance by using incense. Make sure you open up windows and doors, so lower energies can move out. Set the intention to purify your house from all kinds of lower energies. By using an affirmation, you will amplify the purification. Go through your entire house, room by room. Make sure you also cleanse the corridor and attic.

Purifying affirmation

" I cleanse and purify this space."


As you may have noticed, the topics of sexual misbehaviour and abuse of power, currently still have a firm spot in the media. More and more reports on these topics are coming forward. More steps are taken to discuss them, take them seriously and take measures on them. They are on the politics´ agenda, and people are becoming more aware of these topics in generally.

This is a good example of getting (somehow hidden) malpractices on the table, in order to continue purifying our ways of dealing with each other. It´s part of the transition of this world into a loving way of living and treating each other, a transition into the so called 5D consiousness and New Golden Era.

Still, these are tough topics, that can raise heavy or intense feelings. Whenever this happens, you can always call on Archangel Jeremiel. Ask him to help you process and deal with these emotions. He will lovingly and gladly assist you with it!

And this already was the Angels´ Light News. Enjoy love and purity. We´ll meet in the next newsletter!

With love,

Esmee van Haaften

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