Spirituality - Conscious living - Personal development

Welcome on the English homepage of spiritual practice Engelenlicht. You are most welcome to receive a consult, coaching or to join a webinar or workshop. I both work online in live-video sessions, as well as in a practice and workshop rooms.

Take your time to explore this website. This way you can read en feel what the Angels and I may have to offer you. Whenever you have doubts about which consult or workshop best attunes to your question or needs, feel free to consult me about it.

You can mail to engelenlicht@kpnmail.nl  or call 06-17007405

Professionalism, purity and warmth are keys in my way of working. The Angels and other Lightbeings themselves, will allways guide you in their own loving ways, bringing you exactly what you need in the moment itself. Together we love supporting you in your spiritual growth, conscious living and personal development.

With love,

Esmee van Haaften