Angel Healing

In this 30 minutes energetic healing the Archangels remove old energies and blocks. They then fill you with pure and clean Angel energies. Etheric cords will be cut loose, and forgiveness wil be part of the Angel Healing as well. Your karma will be balanced, and your chakra´s will be cleansed and balanced. Finally your aura will be taken care of.

Aquarius Angels® Healing

The Aquarius Angels® Healing is an energetic treatment that works with the energy of the Aquarius Era. The Aquarius Angels® are on a higher frequency than the Archangels, but their energy is equally powerful and healing.

During an Aquarius Angels® Healing your body will be put back in the original frequency as it was meant in Source. This way the source of your problem can be solved. At the end of the session you´ll receive a Lastral, which is an energetic aftertreatment, that your body and aura need in order to have the healing worked trough your entire system.